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NRadio AC1200 Dual Band
NRadio AC1200 Dual Band
NRadio AC1200 Dual Band
NRadio AC1200 Dual Band
NRadio AC1200 Dual Band

NRadio AC1200 Dual Band Tower

  • Converts 4G Signals to WiFi: Unlike other 2.4GHz single-band routers, the AC1200 dual-band 4G LTE router offers a better user experience by providing both 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. It allows 16 devices getting connected simultaneously.
  • Simple and secure: Enjoy fast and stable wireless network by simply two steps. First, insert the Nano SIM card in the cellular router. Secondly, connect the power. Easy to set up and convenient to bring with. Please notice that IMEI modification is not supported.
  • Built-in antennas and efficient heat dissipation: C8-450 4g router has 4 professional built-in Wi-Fi antennas and 4 high gain 4G antennas to improve the signal quality of 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, which is good for establishing Wi-Fi connections from long distances. And convection through the fan greatly improves heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation even during long hours of high-speed operation.
  • Cellular and Wired Failover: Cellular and Wired dual backup. Wired broadband Internet access first. Automatically switch to wireless cellular Internet access when wired broadband fails. After monitoring the recovery of wired broadband, it will automatically switch back to wired broadband Internet access.
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Included in the pricing: Concierge Connect device setup, sim card installation, and full device configuration. Purchase and Activate your data plan upon delivery from your account dashboard.

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