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NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower
NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower
NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower
NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower
NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower
NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower

NRadio 5G AX3000 Tower

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INCREDIBLE 5G SPEEDS: NRadio's newest 5G cellular router features a lightning-fast Qualcomm IPQ5018, SDX62 chip(Global Version)with integrated state-of-the-art 5G NR SA/NSA modem.5G cellular speeds of up to 1,600 Mbps.

Customizable OpenWrt: C8 5G Cellular Router is supported by our proprietary firmware based on OpenWrt, providing more than 5,000 ready-made plug-ins for advanced customization. With minimal inputs, you could easily access our no-code interface within the Admin Panel.

Cellular and Wired Failover: The C8 5G CPE router ensures dual backup capabilities for both cellular and wired networks. It prioritizes wired broadband Internet access and seamlessly switches to wireless cellular access in case of wired broadband failure. Once the wired broadband recovers, it intelligently switches back to ensure a reliable and stable Internet connection.

8 Built-in Antennas and Efficient Heat Dissipation: The NRadio 5G modem router features 8 built-in high-gain wideband cellular antennas for superior signal reception. The efficient heat dissipation, enhanced by the built-in fan, ensures stable operation, even during prolonged periods of high-speed usage.

Plug and Play Mobile Network: The NRadio 5G router with a SIM card slot offers seamless connectivity wherever you go. Simply plug and play to stay connected, making it ideal for home, home office, RV travel, camping, and small business scenarios.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi6 Router: Boost your connectivity with next-generation Wi-Fi6, delivering unprecedented lightning-fast speeds for downloading, streaming and transferring. Experience ultra-fast dual-band Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 2402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. This superior wireless performance allows for simultaneous online gaming and HD video streaming while easily sharing large files across multiple devices.

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