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Mikrotik SXT LTE6
Mikrotik SXT LTE6
Mikrotik SXT LTE6
Mikrotik SXT LTE6
Mikrotik SXT LTE6

Mikrotik SXT LTE6

$225.00 $240.00

The MikroTik SXT LTE6 is your go-to solution for reliable and high-speed LTE internet connectivity in challenging environments. Sure, it's not the fastest option, but its cellular network stability is unmatched. Whether you need internet access in a rural area, a mobile network for a vehicle, or a backup connection for your primary network, the SXT LTE6 delivers exceptional performance and stability. Stay connected with the MikroTik SXT LTE6, no matter where you are. You will need a separate wifi access point, this device does not offer wifi, it outputs ethernet only. 

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Product Details
  • Affordable connectivity in remote areas.
  • Even if your phone has no reception at all, SXT LTE6 kit can deliver due to its advanced LTE chip design and high-gain antenna.
  • Ethernet port #1 has PoE-in. And Ethernet #2 has PoE-out.
  • We’ve included two Micro-SIM slots – for backup.
  • The Category 6 LTE modem enables carrier aggregation.
  • Pole mountable - great for a tail-gate pole for RV use. 
  • Included in the pricing: Concierge Connect device setup, sim card installation, and full device configuration. 
  • Purchase and Activate your data plan upon delivery directly from your account dashboard.
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